Shift Auction was founded with an ethical mentality and hefty objective: To provide shift workers & supervisors an advanced way to communicate and effectively cover open shifts in a fun and creative way.


They say every idea starts with a problem. For us this was simply: people won't cover shifts as effectively without being incentivized. We were working for a corporate restaurant in a college town that often scheduled employees outside of their availability. As you can imagine, this was quite frustrating, not only to the employees, but management as well, scrambling to find people to cover shifts on short notice.

As it happens, shift workers weren't covering shifts because the incentive was too small to take on more work to an already overwhelming schedule. Luckily, there is an effective and interactive way to have an undesirable shift covered and prevent staff burnout.


We started Shift Auction to provide an alternative to the out dated "shift-swapping" and team management tools currently on the market.


By providing the platform for co-workers to unify and incentivize each other to cover undesirable shifts, we are able to offer a more effective, higher quality product that is mutually beneficial to the industries we cater.


We believe team management and scheduling maintenance should be both easy and fun. They should be effective and mutually beneficial to those listing and covering the shifts.


Eight million plus shift workers in the food and beverage industry have been furloughed since April 2020. This means that as businesses open and close there will unfortunately be a lot of displaced workers. To help alleviate this problem, Shift Auction is partnering with programs sympathetic to the industries hit the hardest during the pandemic to bring support and assistance to these great communities.